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Comprehensive Treatment Services

From General Dentistry to Prothestics

General Dentistry, Exams, Hygiene/Periodontics and Restorative

Whether you are a new or existing patient we create a oral health program specific to you. If you are a new patient or have not had regular visits with a dentist, a comprehensive examination will be recommended.  This involves diagnostic radiographs (X Rays), clinical examination, and a complete review of your medical and dental history. A discussion of the findings of the exam will take place, followed by the formulation of a treatment plan that will suit your dental needs.

Based on your needs, routine dentistry visits including regular interval exams, and regular hygiene visits help promote a healthy smile, good oral health and in turn good overall health.

Our team of highly skilled hygienists work closely with the dentists to help prevent and treat varying levels of periodontal disease (gum disease). This service focuses on the health of the gums and bone supports.  Proper diagnosis and treatment of periodontal issues is of the utmost importance.  A cleaning is never a standard consideration.  We tailor your hygiene appointment according to the state of your periodontal health. Talk to your dentist or hygienist if you are experiencing any problems.

Basic Restorative works are considered as the basic chairside filling procedures.  Choices of materials are discussed along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.  The most frequently used chairside materials are tooth coloured resin composites and silver alloy amalgams. Other materials used are gold inlays/onlays and porcelain inlays/onlays. Your Dentist will discuss with you your options.

Teeth that have received trauma, have been heavily restored, or have advanced untreated tooth decay may require endodontic treatment (root canal), if patients wish to maintain that tooth. This procedure cleans, disinfects, and seals the nerve space.

Pediatric Program

We recommend that young children be seen by a dentist six months after the first tooth erupts.  Using a cradle hold with mom, dad, or a caregiver, we are able to instruct on proper brush technique, offer dietary counselling that aids in prevention of tooth decay, monitor oral health development, and work to ensure the family is confident about how to maintain good oral health habits for a lifetime.

Removable & Fixed Prosthodontics, Dentures and Implants

We offer complete denture fabrication services, along with partial denture options to replace missing teeth and to re-establish a proper supported bite.

If you prefer tooth replacement options that are more natural, and are not removable, we can fabricate bridges. 

If you are having trouble keeping your dentures in place, the use of implants with special attachments that “clip” the denture in place, provide a viable alternative.  This reduces the movement of the denture in the mouth.

An implant offers a highly successful option for tooth replacement with long term predictability.  We offer implants for single tooth replacement as well as for multiple tooth replacement circumstances.

Talk to your dentist about the advantages and disadvantages of these choices and the cost differences.

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